• Theory

    For cosmetics’ permeation to the skin

    It combines three technologies: Electroporation, Electroosmosis and aquaporins

    technology. Through a unique combination of custom ionic solutions and a proprietary electric pulse wave,

    it forces temporary passageways (100μm) through the stratum corneum via the

    cell membrane in order to maximize the absorption rate of nutrients.


    It functions on the skin directly and increases the penetrability of the skin immediately. Under the electrical shock of the transient high voltage pulse, lipid bilayer will produce small holes. The big molecule nutrients are now able to penetrate and enter into the cells. When the high voltage pulse is removed, small holes will close automatically within several seconds or minutes and cause no effect to the cells.



    The electrical field caused by the high voltage pulse directly acts on the molecules with the positive charge to be disperse, enabling them to penetrate and enter into the deep skin, because the molecule with the positive charges will in the electrical field swim along the direction of the electric field to the deep skin.


    Aquaporin technology

    The aquaporin is a set of proteins on the cell membrane; the water molecules penetrate into or come out of the membrane which is controlled by the ion channel.


    Main function

    · Skin rejuvenation

    · Forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, neck wrinkles and

      fine lines removing

    · Skin moisturizing and activating

    · Fat reduction and skin tone improving

    · Face thinning, double chin removing


    Detail display

    Dr.GENE with beautiful appearance, compact and lightweight, won the majority of the female friends

    consistent like. Although small instrumentBut the details done especially beautiful,

    the first thing you let you down.

    Handle bearing

    Handle bearing Can handle with up, so it is easy to clean care.Not

    easy to damage, better protection of handle.

    Drawer of treatment tip

    Treatment tips all can be put in inside, in order to avoid the loss

    or damage, prolong the service life.

    Handle socket

    A head is inserted into the adapter is installed, a power plug,

    instrument can be a normal power.

  • Technical Information

    Level 1-10 adjustable
    Level 1-5 adjustable
        Application parts
    Around eyes, face and body
        Work button
    Work and ready
        Work time
    Work time is visible and can be cleared to 0
        Work mode
    Intelligent and Customized modes
        Input power
    Max. 30W
        Tip for eyes
    8mm diameter
        Tip for face
    20mm diamete
        Tip for body
    40mm diameter

    Accessories List




        Power supply cord







        Warranty card



        User’s manual



        Qualified certification




        Product quality card



        Package list



  • Who should not use it?

    1)People with open wound on skin;

    2) People with epilepsy;

    3) People with heart disease, especially with heart pacemaker;

    4) People with cancer;

    5) People with infectious diseases;

    6) Women during pregnancy or menstrual period;

    7) People after major surgery or diabetic;

    8) People have any metal in the body;

    9) People with spider vein on treatment area;

    10) People with large area of acnes.

    How to daily Maintenance?

    1)Please be sure to turn off host power, pull out the power plug after operation;

    2) The host should avoid direct sunlight, be stored in the place where it is not moist;

    3) The terminal (output)should not be stored together with the host after operation;

    4) Please avoid using in high humidity areas such as the bathroom;

    5) Use wet towel to clean all the parts and the host (note: don't use alcohol) after hair removal and unplug power supply;

    Transport and Storage Conditions?

    1)Transport and storage environment requires: temperature between 10℃ and 30℃, relative humidity between 30%-75% and good air quality, atmospheric pressure usually in 700hpa—1060hpa;

    2) For it is precise equipment, strong vibration and shocks should be avoided as well as upside-downs when remove and transport to prevent damage to the internal system and electronic devices;

    3) Do not keep the equipment in a dusty environment or else use a proper dust-proof packaging;

    4) Towing, suspension and clip are avoided in transport, and holding the bottom is needed.

    Troubleshooting Guide?

    Treatment Instruction?

    Choose a suitable tip according to the size of treatment area;

    Clean the treatment tip completely;

    People with heart diseaseClean the treatment area thoroughly. We suggest COMEY cleanser since it can clean the tissue very thoroughly, enhance its antioxidant capacity and relax the skin;

    Adjust the energy starting from the lower value and gradually increase it according to your own skin conditions and feeling. Higher values are suggested for rough skin while lower values are better for tender skin. It is suggested to adjust one level at a time;

    Choose suitable cosmetics/serums according to your treatment target. We suggest COMEY cell recovery No.1 and serum series No. 1 to No. 5;

    Prepare the cosmetics/serums before treatment. At the beginning of the treatment apply a small quantity and then apply more after it has been absorbed;

    Seal the cosmetics/serums if they cannot be used up. Keep them in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight;

    COMEY cosmetics/serums must be used up within 7 days It requires from 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the body area. The depth of the penetration can reach 4 - 6 mm.

    After-Sale Service?

    1 The device is tested before it leaves the factory. If you consider that there is a fault in the instrument during the operation, please proceed to check the device according to the operation manual.

    2 While checking the device and finding out the cause of the technical problem, please do not repair it without the manufactory permission.

    Warranty provisions:

    (1) The host enjoys a free one year warranty from the date of purchase shown on your invoice;

    (2) Please note that, the user has to pay the repairing fees during the guarantee period under the following conditions:

    A: Damage as consequence of improper use;

    B:Damage caused by user’s improper installation.

    C: Damage caused by fire, earthquake, flood or other natural disasters; If you have any question, please contact the manufacturer.